Jubail Industrial Port Overview

King Fahd Industrial Port at Jubail is one of the largest industrial ports in the world.  GSCCO contract is for the operation, maintenance and refurbishment of 22 commercial berths including the open sea tanker terminal.  This includes docking facilities, firefighting equipment and infrastructure, mooring and breasting dolphins, telescopic gangways and all the other facilities required for the berthing and handling of cargo vessels and tankers.


The port currently handles in excess of 35 million tons of cargo annually which is anticipated to grow substantially in the future.  To meet this growth there are already a further 2 additional petrochemical berths under construction.


As for its other projects the company’s intention is to provide customers with the most efficient and economic service possible.  For the Jubail projects one of the most important contractual elements is the refurbishment of the open sea tanker terminal and Gulf has committed substantial resources to ensure that this is carried out to the highest international standards by a contractor who has the resources, expertise and experience to complete the work in a timely and professional manner.